Cisco Certification Program Refresh

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Empty Blog One of the primary reasons I originally started this blog, was to use it for personal accountability with my Cisco certification progress. As I studied and understood a particular topic, I could write a blog article on that topic to cement it in my mind and share that knowledge with others. The complete lack of blog posts reflects about how well that plan went… I actually did complete my CCNP Security, and was in pursuit of my

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#CiscoChampion 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Happy 2019 everyone! Since I was lucky enough to be selected as a Cisco Champion for 2019, I thought it was time to revive my zombie blog! I’ve got quite a few posts in the hopper, and will focus on not being such a perfectionist to posts that I don’t just hit that “Publish” button. Posts will be coming about: Network Security Network Programability Python Systems Architecture And more! Here’s to an exciting and educational 2019!