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My name is Brett Lykins. I am a networking and automation wonk, and I firmly believe in helping organizations achieve success through the intersection of these two passions. I use my experience, strategic vision, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking abilities to solve complex problems in large organizations. I have always been a trusted adviser to my customers and a mentor to my peers. Starting at an Internet Support Desk in 2007, I quickly fell in love with networking. Judging by the number of Cisco Press and O’Reilly books on my iPad, it’s still going strong.

I currently work at Network To Code as Director of Managed Services.

To reach me, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, on Mastodon (@[email protected]), on Twitter (@lykinsb), or on the Network To Code Slack instance (@brett). You can also find me here on my blog at, answering questions on, or on Github as lykinsbd.