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My name is Brett Lykins.  I am a networking and automation wonk, and I firmly believe in helping organizations achieve success through the intersection of these two passions. I use my experience, strategic vision, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking abilities to solve complex problems in large organizations. From the ISP, to the Enterprise, and now into the land of Hosting and Cloud, I have always been a trusted adviser to my customers and a mentor to my peers. Starting at an Internet Support Desk in 2007, I quickly fell in love with networking. Judging by the number of Cisco Press and O’Reilly books on my iPad, it’s still going strong. I am the kind of nerd who had his own 48U rack full of routers, switches, and servers (at least until virtualization caught up with Network devices). I read technical books in my free time, and love to watch the drama on the IETF or NANOG mailing lists.

I currently work at Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas as a Principal Architect in our Network and Cyber Security organization. To reach me, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, on Twitter (@lykinsb), or on the Network To Code Slack instance (@lykinsbd). You can also find me here on my blog at, answering questions on, or on Github as lykinsbd.